If you’re here, that likely means you’re on the hunt for some great podcasts for wedding photographers. Over the course of running my wedding photography business, I’ve learned an insane amount about business ownership from the 5 podcasts below. To be clear, these teach you how to be a great business owner, NOT how to […]

One of the most important things you can do is properly backup your wedding photos as soon as you get home! Below I’ll outline the 3 ways I backup all of my photos, which includes SD cards, an external hard drive, and Backblaze cloud, along with the exact process of how and why!! So, if […]

If you’re a wedding photographer and you’re on the search for some Lightroom editing hacks that will really up level your photos and editing experience, then stay tuned! Over the years I’ve learned quite a few tips, tricks, and helpful hacks that have saved me SO MUCH time during the editing process, and I can’t […]

Creating your photographer welcome email or photographer welcome guide for clients and wondering “what exactly should be in my welcome email to my clients after they book?!”. No worries, I’ve got you girl! As an experienced wedding photographer and photographer mentor, I’ve sent quite a few welcome emails to clients. I’d love to share with […]