A Photography Mentors 4 Step Process on Backing Up Your Wedding Photos

One of the most important things you can do is properly backup your wedding photos as soon as you get home! Below I’ll outline the 3 ways I backup all of my photos, which includes SD cards, an external hard drive, and Backblaze cloud, along with the exact process of how and why!! So, if you’ve come for a photography mentors exact process on backing up photos, keep scrolling because you don’t want to miss this!

A Photography Mentors 4 Step Process on Backing Up Your Wedding Photos | Rachel C Photography

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Step 1 – Upload Photos Onto a Desktop Folder

The first step I do when backing up my wedding photos is uploading the photos onto a desktop folder (named: Couple-Wedding-Raws).

Step 2. Backup The Photos Using G-drive

I backup the photos using my G-drive. I have tried several types of external hard drives and have found this is by far the best one. Others have died on me and these never have!!!

Step 3 – Keep Photos on Your Desktop For at Least 24 Hours So That Backblaze Can Back Up Photos Onto my Cloud Account

You can start with the trial if you’d like to test it out. From there they offer data storage options for: 30 days, 1 year, and forever. I have the 1 year option so I can go in and review my history from up to 1 year ago.

Why is this crucial? You need your photos to be stored somewhere other than just physical locations. What if your home catches on fire, what if you’re robbed, what if your hard drive or SD cards malfunction?! These are terrible and worst case scenarios, but so important to prepare for! I have peace of mind knowing my photos are safely stored online as well!

Another very real situation is your laptop dying and losing all of your data. I’ve had this happen to me while in the middle of editing a big wedding. I lost everything, and was so thankful when I logged into Backblaze and found that they had a recent version of my Lightroom catalog. I downloaded it onto my new laptop and could pretty much pick up where I left off instead of starting completely over!!

Step 4 – Organize Your SD Cards

Keep the SD cards until after delivery – only reformat them once client has confirmed their satisfaction with the images! Storage hack: Put them into a weekly pill tracker and apply labels with the couples name on top! This keeps it all super organized!

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