5 Things to Include in Your Photographer Welcome Email From a Photographer Mentor

Creating your photographer welcome email or photographer welcome guide for clients and wondering “what exactly should be in my welcome email to my clients after they book?!”. No worries, I’ve got you girl! As an experienced wedding photographer and photographer mentor, I’ve sent quite a few welcome emails to clients. I’d love to share with you what all I include in these emails so that you clients have the best experience with you possible! So with that being said, keep reading because I’m about to share my top 5 tips with you!

Rachel C. Photography | Photographer Mentor | 5 Things to Include in Your Photographer Welcome Email

1- A Huge Thank You to Them & Confirmation That They’re Booked

Start your welcome email by welcoming them and thanking them for trusting in you for their session or wedding! I know whenever I book anything, I always love getting a little welcome email and confirmation that my booking request actually went through! This will not only make your couples feel appreciated because you’re thanking them for booking with you, but it will also give them piece of mind!

2 – Your Preferred Method of Communication | Photographer Mentor

This is SUPER important so that clients aren’t contacting you via all sorts of channels. I recommend keeping all communications in your client management system, but if not, then email only! Something I tell all my photographer mentor clients is that I do NOT recommend communication about the shoot through your social channels. Communications this way can get buried and people expect immediate responses. Social media is for fun light ways of staying in touch. I’ve learned this the hard way, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes!

3 – A Reminder of Due Dates Agreed to in The Contract

Your contract is long, as it should be! Due dates and any other sort of important information should be repeated! I always mention the expected photo turnaround time again so that they have realistic expectations about when they’ll receive their gallery. It’s a good practice to have throughout your communication with them as well! At the end of the day, though it may seem small, reminders will save you time in the long run!

4 – What They Can Expect Over The Next Year/Months of Working Together

It’s so important that you let your clients know what they can expect during your time together such as when they can expect to hear from you, what’s coming next, etc. Don’t just leave your confirmation of booking and welcome just as it is! Always let them know a timeframe of when they can expect to hear from you. This doesn’t leave the question hanging up in the air for your client. This will make them feel so much better because you’re already showing them your level of communication, which sets a great first impression for your clients!

5 – Something That Provides Instant Value Like a Guide

Your client just put down quite the investment. It will go a long way to provide instant value to them and continues to position yourself as the expert. Not only are you positioning yourself as an expert in what you do, but your showing them instantly that you’re worth the investment! Plus if you list your preferred vendors in the guide then they’re more likely to book them and you’re more likely to work with them – a win for everyone!!!

Now You’re Ready to Send Off a Great Photography Client Welcome Email! In Need of a Photographer Mentor?

Whoop whoop! Now that you’ve included all of these 5 tips into your photographer client welcome email, its time to celebrate! Sending a quality welcome email to your client will go a long way. Plus, it will make the client experience so much better! In a world full of photographers, it’s the little things and details that will make you stand out.

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