Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers

If you’re here, that likely means you’re on the hunt for some great podcasts for wedding photographers. Over the course of running my wedding photography business, I’ve learned an insane amount about business ownership from the 5 podcasts below. To be clear, these teach you how to be a great business owner, NOT how to use your camera or take great photos! If you’re looking for killer business strategies, keep reading! If you’re looking for help with using your camera or composing images, I recommend searching on YouTube!!

So if you’re still here, that means you’re ready to create a kick-ass profitable photo BUSINESS. These
podcasts helped me do just that. I discovered many of these in the very beginning stages of launching. I
honestly feel like I can thank them for getting my business off the ground! What I love about these podcasts specifically is that they are for any entrepreneur who wants to create a successful business (especially the first three I listed). While photography is an art, you are starting a business, and businesses need to be profitable and sustainable. This is why I’m recommending podcasts that focus on building a business with episodes that typically have a very tactical and strategic approach. The last two podcasts listed can still benefit any business owner, but have more of a specific photography focus. So alas, here they are and why!

*To be clear, all of these podcasts are 10/10 overall to me and I admire the hosts so much!!! The ratings are just so you know what type of content to expect and what the delivery is like.

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1.) The Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher

Description: “The live-workshop style business podcast that is helping thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams. You can train with the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.”- The Goal Digger podcast

Main focus: Pinterest, email, client conversation, website etc.

My Ratings & Why It’s In My Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers:

  • Tactical content: 8/10 Jenna’s episodes tend to be fairly to the point and at the end I feel like I’ve learned something that I can put into action asap! As the podcast has evolved, she’s started sharing a little bit more of lifestyle and mindset philosophy too, so sometimes its not as tactical.
  • Motivational content: 10/10 I love her mindset on business and life. She’s super relatable as well.
  • Photography specific content: 5/10 She actually started as a wedding photographer and is one of the OG’s who pivoted into being more of a business coach. Sometimes she uses being a photographer as her business example, but most of her recent shows have nothing to do with photography.

2. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield

Description: “From boosting your sales conversion or starting an email list, to hiring your first employee or navigating personal relationships as an entrepreneur, to writing email funnels or WOWing your customers in your support inbox… Nothing is off limits.”Online Marketing Made Easy podcast

Main focus: Email marketing and course creation.

My Ratings & Why It’s In My Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers:

  • Tactical content: 10/10 Amy is VERY tactical which I love! I have learned an insane amount from her shows and have even purchased her email building course (which I also recommend)!
  • Motivational content: 7/10 While she always shares honestly about her business success and struggles so you can learn from her experiences, mindset has historically not been as much of a main focus.
  • Photography specific content: 0/10 Amy is not and to my knowledge has never been a photographer.

3.) Breakthrough Brand – Elizabeth Mccravy

Description: “Relatable, raw and tactical business trainings to keep you moving towards your big goals.” – Breakthrough Brand podcast

Main focus: entrepreneurship and website design, plus conversion.

My Ratings & Why It’s In My Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers:

  • Tactical content: 9/10 Elizabeth tends to be pretty straightforward in her episodes with minimal fluff, but delivers it in such a warm and positive way! I used one of her website templates for the first 3 years of my business!
  • Motivational content: 8/10 She shares quite a bit of her personal life and mindset around business.
  • Photography specific content: 1/10 Elizabeth is not and never has been a photographer. However, she is a web designer and her templates totally work for photographers!

4. Heart and Hustle – Lindsey Roman and Evie Rupp

Description: “A business and lifestyle podcast for creative entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers who want to make the most out of their life.” – Heart and Hustle Podcast

Main focus: Running a successful creative business.

My Ratings & Why It’s In My Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers:

  • Tactical content: 8/10 Depends on the episode, but their “how to” episodes are to the point and thorough! They have some episodes that are more lifestyle focused so you just have to know which you’re listening to!
  • Motivational content: 6/10 They are very faith driven which I don’t relate to quiteeee as much, especially when it comes to my business. However, I do love their perspectives and business mindset!
  • Photography specific content: 7/10 They are both photographers and seem to go through seasons of being in the educator role vs the photographer role! Therefore they have programs and some episodes that are designed for photographers specifically!!

5.) Make Your Break – Jai long

Description: “No matter what biz stage you’re at, the Make Your Break podcast will ignite your soul purpose and reconnect you with your ‘why’. Whether you’re a big-hearted creative or aspiring entrepreneur, we’ll blow up your biz with actionable mindset tips and juicy industry secrets together.” – Make Your Break podcast

Main focus: getting new entrepreneurs to 6 figures.

My Ratings & Why It’s In My Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers:

  • Tactical content: 7/10 Jai tends to have strong opinions and believes in sharing all of his knowledge! His solo episodes are especially articulate and helpful to me!
  • Motivational content: 7/10 I love his mindset! He kind of has a no-BS no-excuse approach to business and life!!
  • Photography specific content: 10/10 He’s a photographer turned educator and definitely still caters to this niche pretty specifically. Most of his programs are geared towards people in the wedding industry!

Will You Be Binging These Top 5 Podcasts for Wedding Photographers?!

The reasons these five podcasts land in my top 5 is because they gave me invaluable insight to just get off the ground. Like I said before, photography is an art, but if you want to make a business out of it, it also has to be profitable AND sustainable. Listening to these podcasts gave me tons of knowledge to get started. It was then that I invested in mentorships and masterminds that gave me the personalized feedback to get to over 6 figures in my business! Just like you, we all have to start somewhere. You cannot grow a sustainable and successful photography business over night, but you can grow with great educational podcasts and the right people in your corner who have been right where you’re at. I highly recommend checking out these podcasts!

And when you’re ready to take that next step and work with a photographer mentor, I’ll be ready to be by your side within my Photographer Mentorship. If you’re looking for a wedding photography mentor to help you with all of the questions, or deep dive coaching calls, 1:1 person mentorships and styled shoots to build your portfolio, or even a six week accelerator that’s packed with education, then you’re in the right place! Feel free to learn more about me here. If I sound like the perfect photographer mentor for your, then apply to work with me here! In the meantime, check out my photographer education blog that has TONS of information, tips, and tricks!