What to ask your wedding photographer

You heard back from your dream wedding photographer and they (hopefully!) set up a time for you to chat…and now you’re wondering what the heck you should even be paying attention to on the initial call to see if they’re a good fit?!

leal vineyard wedding

3 most crucial things to pay attention to!

1. Are they asking lots of questions about you two and genuinely wanting to know your story?!! This is super important because your wedding photo experience should be a custom reflection of you two and your relationship!!! Plus the more they know you and what’s important to you, the better they’ll be able to perfectly capture your story!!

2. Do they walk through the basic flow of your wedding day and listen to your preferences? This is how they can create/recommend the perfect package for you- asking these questions demonstrates that they are trying to put together what is best for YOU.

3. Did you leave the conversation feeling super pumped about working with them?! Connecting with your photographer is KEY and at the end of the day you really just have to trust your gut!!!

leal vineyard wedding

The technical questions

While I honestly think the above three points are most important, there are other things you may want to consider and ask!! I recommend thinking about what you personally want the answers to be before asking while also trying to keep an open mind to what their process is!

About how many photos will they deliver and will you have printing rights?

What’s their communication cadence between now and the wedding? 

Will they assist you with the timeline?

Do they have a process in place for backing up photos?

Does their package include an engagement session?

Will they have a second shooter for the wedding day?

leal vineyard wedding

Do both of you need to join this call?

If possible then yes!!!! Even if one of you is wayyy more into the wedding planning than the other. On the day of the actual wedding, you BOTH will be in front of the camera!!! You both should feel super excited about your photographer and trust that they are going to capture your story beautifully!

leal vineyard wedding

If you want to learn more about what I can do for you as a photographer, contact me below!!! I can’t freakin’ wait to hear from you!!!

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Photos by Rachel Christopherson Photography, Northern California Wedding Photographer