Bride and Groom kissing at end of ceremony walkway in Fairfax California

Wedding Ceremony Tips

Looking for wedding ceremony tips from a photographer’s point of view? If so, you’re in the right place!!! While gorgeous floral arches and sweeping views create a jaw-dropping background, there are a few things you can do no matter your set up to take your wedding photos to the next level! Below I’ve outlined easy ways to get the absolute best ceremony photos.   

Bride and Groom kissing at end of ceremony walkway in Fairfax California

4 (Free!) Tips for the Best Wedding Ceremony Photos

1. When you first walk up, hold hands at the altar to ensure you’re standing close together. If you don’t want to hold hands during the whole ceremony, that’s totally fine!! But starting off holding hands ensures you’re standing nice and close to each other from the start! It’ll create more intimate photos that really reflect the sweetness of the day!

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2. Ask your officiant to take three big steps to the side as they are saying you may have your first kiss! This will give you a beautiful, unobstructed first kiss photo! Your officiant’s head won’t be popping up directly behind you two!

Wedding Couple Kissing during ceremony in Sonoma, Rachel Christopherson Photography LLC

3. I recommend having a no cell phone policy during the ceremony!! This not only ensures your photos are stunning, but it ensures your guests can be 100% present and actually experiencing the moment with you. This goes for intimate weddings and elopements too! If you want to videotape for your friends & family, I highly recommend hiring a videographer!! You will definitely not regret it!! But if that’s not in the cards for you, I recommend purchasing an iPhone tripod! I can help you set it up to make sure it’s out of the photos but still capturing your ceremony! 

Backyard wedding ceremony in Sacramento CA, Rachel Christopherson Photography LLC

4. If you’re someone who dreams about walking down the aisle after being pronounced married and getting a sweeping kiss at the end of the aisle with all of your guests behind you, then this one is important!! Make sure you drop your bouquet down at your side for that back bending kiss! It’s easy to hold the bouquet up at your face level, which then hides your kiss in the photo. So make sure to drop it low (drop it drop it low girllll!). 

Black and white photos of Bride and groom kissing at taft point in Yosemite, Rachel Christopherson Photography LLC

So there you have it!! Four ways to get gorgeous wedding ceremony photos without spending a dime!! 

Photos and wedding ceremony tips by Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Rachel Christopherson Photography