Top 8 Hikes on Oahu For You and Your Wedding Guests

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If you’re looking for the best hikes on Oahu in Hawaii when you’re visiting or for your guests if you’re having an Oahu wedding, then you’ve come to the right place! As a Hawaii wedding photographer, I LOVE giving couples advice on the best spots to hit up and adventure opportunities like the best hiking locations! With that being said, let’s dive on into the top 7 hikes on Oahu that you don’t want to miss when you’re here!

1.) Moanalua Trail ( AKA Stairway to Heaven – The Legal Way)

Difficulty: Challenging Length: 9.2 mi Elevation: 2,880 ft

The Moanalua Trail hike is seriously a dreammmm from all angles! I’d say it’s on the more challenging side due to length and elevation gain! Took us almost all day but that’s because we also stopped at the top for a long time to enjoy our lunch and the views!

2.) Kokohead – Hikes on Oahu

Difficulty: Challenging Length: 1.6 mi Elevation: 912 ft.

Kokohead Trail one of the hikes on Oahu that is short, but tough!!! You ascend what seems to be a never ending staircase straight up the mountain. At the top you get beautiful views of CITY and WATER. Highly recommend a sunset hike with headlamps to walk back down! Check out the photo below to see what I mean about what feels like a never ending staircase straight up the mountain! The views are so worth it though!

  • PS- hike just past the top area and off to the left to get that amazing overlook all to yourself!!!

3.) Deadman’s Catwalk – Best Hikes on Oahu

Deadmans Catwalk hike was one we found out about from a girl who worked at my fave açaí place. This is a locals favorite and is so freakin’ gorgeous!!! The “catwalk” board is no longer there, but it’s still worth it!!! At the top of this hike you get views of Waimanalo– the most turquoise waters on Oahu!!

4.) Crouching Lion

Difficulty: Easy/Moderatye Length: 0.4 mi Elevation: 216 ft.

Crouching Lion hike is a staple I do almost every time I’m on the island because it’s an easier/moderate hike with some of my favorite views!!! the bay is unreal gorgeous and tucked into the mountains. I’ve shot an elopement here!!! It’s between east and north shore. Check out the photo below to get an idea of the epic views you can see on this hike! Click here to see more details on Crouching Lion hike!

5.) 3 Peaks ( Mt.Olomana Trail)

Difficulty: Challenging past Peak 1 Length: 4.5 mi Elevation: 1,696 ft.

I’ve wanted to do 3 Peaks Trail (Mt. Olomana Trail) for soooo long and finally got to check it off on my last trip! Definitely recommend hiking to peak 1!!! The rest of this hike is considered difficult and dangerous so I only recommend making it to peak 3 if you’re an experienced hiker!!! It involves some rope climbing and has very narrow parts with cliffs on both sides! Getting to the top was insanely rewarding though!!!

6.) Lanikai Pillbox (Ka’iwa Ridge)

Difficulty: Easy Length: 1.6 mi Elevation: 613 ft

Lanikai Pillbox Hike is a short and easy 1.6-mile out-and-back hike with insanely rewarding views at sunrise on south shore (Kailua)! This hike is very popular in the area, The views are epic, so prepare to run into other hikers or sightseers on this trail. The trail is open all year around and you can even bring your dog if they are leashed!

7.) Pink Pillbox (Pu’u O Hulu Trail)

Difficulty: Moderate Length: 1.6 mi Elevation: 879 ft.

Pink Pillbox offers absolutely gorgeous views of west shore!!!! This is a moderate challenge hike, and is very popular locally. Be prepared to encounter other hikers and locals on this trail. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed. If it’s been rainy it can get very slippery so I would advice only doing this hike when the weather is nice and dry! Once you get to the top there will be a set of bunkers that offers the most epic views of Nanakuli and Waianae!

8.) Manoa Falls Trail

Difficulty: Easy Length: 1.7 mi Elevation: 616 ft.

Manoa Falls Trail is one of the short and easy hikes in Oahu, though some may describe it as moderate. This is a flat trail through a super lush forest that leads up to a pretty waterfall! With the trail being flat, I do consider it easy. The average time to complete this hike is 1hr and 8min. There were movie scene from Jurassic Park and LOST filmed here, which is pretty awesome! Overall this is a great and short hike, and is kid friendly as well!

Which of These Hikes Will You Check Out During Your Time in Oahu?

My hope is that this has helped you choose some epic hikes to do during your time in Oahu! Whether you’re just visiting for fun or you’re planning an Oahu wedding, I hope you get to experience some of the best views Oahu has to offer! And of course, if you are planning an Oahu wedding and looking for a Hawaii wedding photographer, I’m your girl! 😉 You can learn more about me here. If I sound like the perfect Hawaii wedding photographer for you, then inquire with me here! Until then, check out the blog where you’ll find other couples, weddings, and even tips and tricks!